Driving Adoption of Video Conferencing

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Driving Adoption of Video Conferencing

Dynamic changes in the global communications environment – decreasing network and equipment costs and the need for businesses to compete in a global economy – continue to propel the adoption of video conferencing at a rapid rate.

For those organizations who have found video conferencing of value, the process they followed to drive adoption helped make video conferencing a necessary tool for successful business.

This whitepaper helps to identify what needs to be done to drive adoption of video conferencing so it becomes second nature to users and a technology deemed a necessity to business.

Ways to make your adoption of video conferencing easier and more worthwhile to your organization:

  • What is your benchmark for success?

  • Why one should implement video conferencing?

  • What is video conferencing going to do for an organization?

  • What will be done with video conferencing once it is installed?

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